Knowledge is an awareness gained through experience or education. It is also the sum of what is known. Having known this, let’s move further to know why knowledge is important. This includes:

  • Ø To lead (II Cor 1: 10).
  • Ø To teach (psalm 94: 10).
  • Ø For escape from evil (prov 11: 9b).
  • Ø For understanding. (Prov 15: 14).
  • Ø For increase in strength (Prov 24: 5).

For you to desire to have knowledge, there must have been a purpose for that. For everything done in life, is of purpose and time (Eccl 3: 1) and your time to search for it is NOW! Further more if the purpose for seeking knowledge is not understood, then the need to search for it is of no use because if found, abuse is inevitable.

Many nowadays question God, why do people die so sudden? In the course of this question, the Holy Spirit made me realize the WHY through the word of God (Hosea 4: 6) “my people perish because they lack knowledge”

Note: they didn’t perish because they are not praying or fasting much but because they lack knowledge.

ARE YOU A VICTIM OR A VICTOR? THINK!         If in your heart you crave for knowledge, then you should:

ü Accept Jesus as your God and live a holy life. (1 Sam 2: 3) KJV

ü Desire to hear more of the word of God (Num 24: 16) KJV.

ü Fear God (Prov 1:7).

Note: to fear God is to love God and love your neighbor in which this lie the foundation of the commandment of God.

As you seek for knowledge through God’s word and you practice it, I pray you’ll not be cut short untimely in life and you’ll fulfill that purpose of yours on planet earth in the name of Jesus. “AMEN” PEACE!

Quotes: “If you want to secure your future, invest in quality spiritual knowledge through the word of God” D. Oyedepo

“If you lack the knowledge of God as a Christian, how do you tell the unbelievers to know God?” Tobi Isaac.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Compiled by TOBI ISAAC. For inspirational talks & teaching contact: 08136596295, 08083852722 OR Email: GOD BLESS.



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