8 Personal Branding Tips To Market Yourself

1. Decide who you are and what is it  you want: This first step can prove to be deceptive in its simplicity.

2. Create a personal brand statement: Your personal brand statement is the short version of who and what you are. It should be used with every other aspect of your personal branding strategy. These simple one or two sentences should tell what you are or do, who you do it for and how you do it. For example a personal brand statement for someone who is in real-estate may be something like; John, bringing people together with their dreams in Florida since 1979.

3. Sell: Once you know who you are and what it is you want to be seen as an expert at it is time to sell yourself to others, which of course requires a personal branding strategy. The internet has made the ability to create a personal brand easier and faster than ever before. With the internet you can create a personal branding website, use social networking such as Twitter and LinkedIn, make video commercials and infomercials for uploading on sites like YouTube and most importantly create a blog where you can prove your worth.

4. Find and introduce yourself to at least ten strong personal brands: You are who you know is not just a cliché.

5. Comment on blogs with high readership in your niche: The more you can get your name and opinions out there the more people will begin to recognize your name and look for your opinions.

6. Interview as many of the top personal brands in your niche you can on your blog.

7. Volunteer to write guest blogs for other strong personal brands in your field. When others begin to recognize you as a strong personal brand you are half way there!

8. Link to other people and personal brands in authority in your niche. Again most people see people and judge them by who they hang out with, if you are seen with the top movers and shakers people will believe you are also a mover and shaker.

Extracted from Stacykinney.com

Brands Hatch Opentrack Track Day 8th Feb 2013

Brands Hatch Opentrack Track Day 8th Feb 2013 (Photo credit: Opentrack Track days)